Posted by: ivyschex | December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I had my last training session of 2009 today.  Wow!  It is the end of the year already.  I can’t believe how much I have learned just in this year.  This year has been filled with many things.  I have been humbled and praised, encouraged and rebuked. I have laughed and cried, ridden and fallen off.  I believe that this year has been terrific and filled with way more good things than bad things. 

I have learned many lessons and I hope I may learn many more (though, not all through experience).  I learned to be lighter.  To be patient, or at least wait for my horse.  I learned to listen to what my horse was telling me.  I learned how to clicker train.  I learned that timing is everything.  These may be small things, but they are things that I hope I will remember always. 

Thank you Karen, Romy, Hannah, JP, and many others who have helped me on my journey. 

 Happy New Year!

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