Posted by: ivyschex | February 17, 2010

Quotes from the Masters: Part 1

Here are some of my favorite quotes from different equestrian masters.

“The pursuit of the ideal is a passionate quest in itself, full of reward in the constant discovery of newer and ever more subtle harmony between horse and rider.”

~Henry Wynmalen~


“In principle the fully trained school horse must always be able to show the same standard of excellence as an all around horse as he does as a school horse.”

~Alois Podhajsky~
The Complete Training of Horse and Rider


“Ask often, be satisfied with little, reward much.”

~Jean-Claude Racinet~
Another Horsemanship


“…What we do is only worthwhile if it is done in a spirit of joy and adventure, for ourselves and for our horses.”

~Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling~
Dancing with Horses


“Ride the horse in such a way that it will be pleased with itself and want to create a proud and delightful appearance.”

The Art of Horsemanship


Enjoy those words of wisdom from those who endeavored to share with the rest of the world what they knew, and as such, their knowledge lives on…



  1. Great quotes! Thanks for sharing them.

    I think I like this one the best:

    “Ask often, be satisfied with little, reward much.”


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