Posted by: ivyschex | March 4, 2010

Diary Post 3-4-2010 w/video

March 4, 2010

I got Jackson out for about 45 minutes. I started by tacking him up and then endotapping him. I endotapped him only for a few minutes, until I saw him yawn several times. Then I got on and rode him at the walk for a bit. I worked on quarter turns off of the indirect rein, in preparation for spinning.

Anyway, after we had walked for a bit, I then asked him to trot and practiced the rising trot (posting trot) for a bit. I payed attention to which diagonal I was posting on and I tried to weight the outside stirrup (JP recommends that as it loads the outside hind leg a little more and gets it to work more). I also tried to post very softly. If Jackson stays fairly slow, I think I do pretty well, but it doesn’t look so good when he gets faster. However, I think I made progress. And I think he was rounding more!

Then I went back to the walk and began endotapping him. I endotapped him on the neck, belly, and croup on both sides, before moving to the trot, where I did the same thing. I was looking for him to drop his head when I endotapped him. After I had done it both sides and both directions, I wanted to ask for the canter. So, going in a circle to the left, I asked Jackson to trot (I posted). Once he was trotting, I weighted the outside stirrup and gently tapped him to get him to go a little faster in the trot. I was trying to get him to kind of lose his balance and lope, hoping for a relaxed lope. It worked really well! To the left he did a full circle of a nice relaxed canter with his head low. Then I asked him to walk and relax.

It didn’t work quite so well going to the right, but I think that will be better if I do more endotapping at the trot before asking for the right lead canter. It did feel a little more relaxed than yesterday, though. So I stopped right there and got off. I think that we did really well and I was very happy with how Jackson did.

Here is a link to the endotapping for relaxation video that we did yesterday.

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