Posted by: ivyschex | August 10, 2010

August 10, 2010

I worked with Jackson for about half an hour. Not longer than that because it was so hot today. I first let Jackson into the pasture by himself to eat for a little bit. Then I wanted to see how he would do playing a version of an “eye contact” game. I stood about 30 feet from him and whistled once. He stopped eating and looked at me with both eyes. I clicked and went up to him to give him his treat.

I then walked away again and just waited. He ate for a minute then looked at me; again, I clicked and rewarded. We repeated this just a few times and then he decided to come hang out with me. There was no pressure on him to be with me; he could have eaten grass and I wouldn’t have bothered him.

Since he did some, I did some companion walking, circling, and leading from behind. Mostly I just played with those various waterhole rituals. It is very interesting to see how my body position affects where he goes. He did seem to be pretty connected. He didn’t do driving from behind as well today as he did the other day, but it was still fun. He had a hard time driving with me on his right side. I am going to work on that so I can drive him easily from both sides.

I did a little Spanish walk at liberty. It wasn’t as high a Spanish walk as he is able to do, but he was very good about lifting the base of his neck the whole time (I think), so I was happy to reward that.



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