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August 15, 2010 Diary Post

August 15, 2010

I worked with Jackson two separate sessions.

Session 1:

I did a little riding. The weather is much cooler today and it was windy, so the mosquitoes are down a bunch! Yay!

My brother came out and lunged Jackson. I did my exercises, practiced keeping my upper body straight, and rode a bit with my eyes closed. I was trying to feel how Jackson moved and try to move with him. I feel like my body position is better, my brother isn’t correcting me all the time, but I still bounce a lot every time Jackson goes into his “swinging” trot. If I am bouncing, I do hold onto the bucking strap and that does help, but I can’t exactly hold onto the reins at the same time.

Jackson did really well though! Conner, my brother, rode him afterwards at the walk and he said Jackson was really obedient. I saw one stop that they did and it looked great!

Session 2:

I did some sharing space for about 15 minutes. Then I did some lunging. I just worked with Jackson, getting that nice trot. Then I lunged him with the cordeo and he did great. I worked on some canter transitions since the weather was cooler, and he did great!

The last few weeks, I had been having a hard time getting the canter at liberty; I am sure the very hot weather had something to do with that.

Then I did a bunch of playing at liberty. I did circling games and also leading from behind. Jackson did much better today at leading from behind. He was turning nicely in both directions.

His circling too was much improved. We can do walking and trotting in both directions. I still turn around with him, but I am moving less and less. I also had some very nice circling at the canter! He didn’t even try to canter away, but stayed right with me in a slow canter! That was very cool to see! He got lots of treats for that.

We also did lots of Ramener in between all the trotting/cantering sessions. He offers such nice rameners that I feel I have to reward him.

All of the work I have been doing (circling, leading from behind) is amply rewarded. I watch for improvements and then click and reward.

Today was lots of fun!

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