Posted by: ivyschex | December 1, 2010

Update with Video: Training Flying Lead Changes and Piaffe

I rode Jackson for a bit today. I started out in the round pen, working on my
seat. I rode with no stirrups for a little bit in both directions. I worked at
keeping my chest up and out, my shoulders rolled back, and my chin up.

Then I warmed Jackson up with some long walk. Then we did some trotting,
piaffe-trot-passage transitions. Then my brother came and I asked for some
flying lead changes. The first change was while Jackson was jumping and bucking
just a little. Then the next change was super nice! We didn’t quite get it on
video, but he changed from back to front. Then the next two we got on video he
changed from front to back. However, he is changing on cue, so that is a huge
step forward for us!

Then I did some work with piaffe in hand.

Training Flying Lead Changes and Training Piaffe


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