Posted by: ivyschex | December 6, 2010

Diary Update: Liberty Training and Stepping Under

December 4, 2010

I got Jackson out to play in the first snow of the season! A lovely six inches
of fluffy snow. Beautiful.

I started with just some playing around. Jackson wanted to do a lot of
obeisance, bowing, and laying down. Then we did some liberty work. I keep
working on our circling at liberty, or free lunging. I have been playing with
getting nice inside turns on the circle. Jackson is getting better! Yay!

When I asked him to canter on the left lead, I felt like his hips swung to the
inside and that he was in pain or something. Not sure about that. I think he has
been struggling with the left lead for the last few weeks. I might just do some
straightness work on the ground to see if we can help that.

Then, I followed Karen’s advice and started working on training Jackson to step
the hind leg under his body with a touch of the inside rein. Today was our first
session. My goal was to ask Jackson like I was going to ask for haunches over,
but to click when the inside hind leg move forward the tiniest bit.

I am finding that right now I need to reinforce the rein touch with just a touch
of the endostick on that back leg. Several times I click when I shouldn’t have,
but I just ignored them and clicked when he got it right.

It was a very good start!




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