Posted by: ivyschex | December 10, 2010

Diary Update with Video: Collection Training, Flying change at Liberty

December 10, 2010

Okay, it was warm enough to saddle up today.  I wanted to work more on getting Jackson to collect up using my body and not the reins so much.  Jackson had a lot of go forward today.  I didn’t get quite the same feel as the last time I rode him, but there were a couple of times when I felt a change.   Like at about 1:58 in this video:

I was trying to sit up straight, look upward, open my upper body, lift and push up with the reins, and lightly close my legs.  I am still working on my feel, but I think that we will get it with practice.  I still look down too much, but I think that, slowly, I am improving. 

I have been riding without stirrups as well.  I have felt much better balanced. 

Jackson wanted to canter a lot.  He had a very nice, relaxed canter most of the day.  I made sure not to be pulling on his face and to keep the inside rein mostly loose.  This did seem to help.

I asked for a lead change (bad timing I think) and he didn’t change right away, we counter canter a few strides, I asked again, and this time he changed.  Not great, but I still learning.

The most fun for me, was the liberty training.  I had it in my mind to teach him to do flying changes at liberty, so when he cantered toward me on the right lead, I tried to match him and then cue for a change.  It worked!  Not sure how, but it worked.  Because I was watching for it, I clicked right away, gave him a “Jackpot”, and then called it quits. 


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