Posted by: ivyschex | January 7, 2011

… The Horse Seeks Me

My Horse, My Love

I can only imagine
What is in your heart,
What do you feel
When we are apart?

My horse, my love,
I have given you my all
Do you dream of me,
Do you think of me at all?

My horse, my love,
I gaze into your eyes
Your presence fills the air
Ever the same, ever a surprise

My horse, my love,
Do you care for me?
I dream of you at night
When you are all I see

I can only imagine,
What is in your heart,
What do you feel
When we are apart?

I wrote the above poem when someone complained that my other horse poems were too masculine.  Looking back at it now, I sort of think that I have captured what many women feel about their horses.  They want their horse to love them and they want their horse to be their friend.  I mean, isn’t that what all the favorite horsey books show?  The horse saving the boy or girl, while risking his life for them?

Is this the right mindset?  Is it helpful?  Or is it possibly a hindrance to a closer relationship with the horse?

I have been reading It’s Not I who Seek the Horse, The Horse Seeks Me, by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, and thinking about the idea that our deep desire to bond with our horses might actually be getting in the way of that relationship.

Hempfling says that you can begin to connect with your horse if “ you do nothing more than just appear, if you want no more and do not have to prove anything else, if you want to neither be good nor bad, if you simply trust that what has to happen will happen, and if you know the horse by your side so well and understand him almost better than yourself.

What a concept!  No steps, sticks, rope halters, or round pens.  You have to learn to be completely, totally content with yourself before your horse will trust and connect with you.

Will we allow ourselves time to do nothing?  Over and over again, just doing nothing?  Boy, that seems so hard.  It is something that I will challenge myself to do:  To just be still…

Maybe if I stop “chasing” my horse so much, maybe he will seek me.




  1. At some point, most of us will meet the horse who INSISTS that we stop chasing and do nothing. These are our best teachers. Keep reading Ivy, there is plenty to learn. Your horses will show you. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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