Posted by: ivyschex | February 28, 2011

Diary Post: February 24, 28th

Febuary 24, 2011

Was able to work with Jackson for 30 minutes. It was completely at liberty. Jackson was glued to my side, which in itself was pretty cool. He had lots of spunk and energy and wanted to do lots of cantering circles. We just played with circling and some Spanish walk.

The footing was a mix of mud and frozen ground, so we didn’t do too much stuff. Just a little nasty to work in. But it was lots of fun!

Febuary 28, 2011

I worked with Jackson for about an hour. First I started on the lunge line. I put a couple of ground poles down and was just asking him to go forward with his head low. I clicked and rewarded him for using his hind end.

Then I did a little work on the piaffe. Jackson wanted to keep lifting his front end up, which will be good someday, but I didn’t reward for that today. I wanted only to see him slow down the piaffe. I think that we had a couple of really nice moments. He is trying so hard, but doesn’t know just what I want. I do endotap his rump just as his front leg comes up, but I wish I had a better way to help him slow down.

Then I did some riding on the road, where the footing is a little better. I worked just at having him go forward with his head low and a little round. When he did that, I would make sure the reins were looped. By the way, just riding in a halter. Then I asked for a transition to the trot, keeping the same roundness. That went pretty well. I tried very hard to hold my upper body upright and bump, bump, bump with my legs and reins until I got the roundness.

A couple of times, when Jackson was nicely round at the walk, I would collect it up just a little then ask for a canter transition. The transition was only okay, but I got a very nice round canter on a loose rein!

I tried to keep looking up and stay that way through a couple of transitions.

Oh, in a few weeks, I will have the opportunity to keep Jackson at a stable with and indoor arena. I am going to do this for a short time to take advantage of being able to use walls and corners! I want to do more lateral work and I think having solid sides will help.



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