Posted by: ivyschex | March 10, 2011

Diary Post: March 10, 2011 – More Piaffe Training in Hand and Liberty fun w/video

March 10, 2011


Okay, we did some more training of piaffe in hand. I continued working on what JP said, that is changing my position. I also combined that with some of what Ann said about having Jackson lift the base of his neck.

So I did almost all the transitions from walk to piaffe and back. I asked Jackson to softly give his nose and lift the base of his neck at the walk, then I would ask for a transition to piaffe while maintaining the same(ish) neck position. There were times when I got lots of engagement behind.

I noticed that there were times when he was leaning his front legs back, but I will work on that more next time. This time it was just about (kinda) lifting the base of his neck.

We also did a little forward-down at the trot, then piaffe, then forward down again. This was neat to see. It also clearly showed me (correct me if I am wrong) that his left hind wants to push and not carry. If so, shoulder in here we come!

Please let me know if you see any point where Jackson lifts his withers. I need to learn to recognize that.

Then we just did some playing around at liberty, just for fun!


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