Posted by: ivyschex | March 11, 2011

Diary Post: Piaffe in hand with cordeo!

March 11, 2011


I got Jackson out for an hour. I didn’t have the bridle handy, so I just put the cordeo (neckrope) on him and the long lead rope on that. I wanted to see if he would piaffe with just that cordeo, whip, and voice cue. Perviously, throughout the training process, I would try and see if he would piaffe with just the cordeo; then he would only push through the cordeo.

However, today, he did piaffes as good today as yesterday! He lifted the base of his neck and kept a fairly nice rhythm. I didn’t put too much pressure on.

I kept it to only a few steps and really rewarded him when he did it well.

Then I did just a little riding bareback. I practiced keeping my chin up (looking above the horizon) and my shoulders back. I also did a little work on asking for the piaffe, but since I can’t see what he is doing, I don’t want to do too much. I also did just a tiny bit of work on our spins, which were alright.

Then I also did some experimenting with teaching the ballancer’ under saddle. He did okay with that.

The biggest thing was how well he did with just the cordeo on. I also did a little lunging with the cordeo. I would ask him for forward down at the trot, then to transition to a little piaffe. He did it! That was so neat! I am sure that, as he gets better and stronger, that I will get the piaffe at liberty!

Goal for this year!



  1. That is so cool!! I can’t wait to see videos. I know you will get a piaffe at liberty this year.

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