Posted by: ivyschex | March 29, 2011

Riding lesson on Jackson w/Video

March 28, 2011

My friend, Sarah, came out for my birthday and worked with me and Jackson. She had me lunge him and make sure he was Johnny on the spot for transitions, which we needed to work on. It took about 10 minutes and Jackson was listening much better.

Then I rode for a bit without stirrups. She had me keeping my heels way down (it felt like way down, anyway). She had me work at keeping my legs back, and even though they weren’t back far enough, I could tell watching the movie that they were back farther than previously. She had be stay upright and keep my arms in a good position.

Sarah also had me keep Jackson giving his nose. Then we worked on transitions. Mostly walk-trot-walk transitions, making sure Jackson was giving his nose after/during each transition. If he raised his head at all, I was to do a circle and get that flexion and then ask for a transition. We also did canter transitions as well.

Then she had me ride with stirrups, doing the same thing, heels down, body upright, legs back, and elbows bent. Then, later, after more transitions, Sarah had me doing lots of two-point in the canter and in the trot. I think that I improved a little there. Then we worked on walk canter transitions, with me practicing asking with my hips and not my shoulders, like I normally do. Jackson picked up on that after a few tries.

Then Sarah got on Jackson and rode him. I am so envious of her ease with posting, but it will come! I know it will. She rode him a lot more forward. I added that to the video so you could see how Jackson can go with a little better rider.

Thanks so much, Sarah!



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