Posted by: ivyschex | April 9, 2011

Diary Post: April 7, 2011

April 7, 2011

I worked Jackson for about an hour. I did the exercises that Sharon said to do: “1) rotate the thigh bone in the hip socket so that your knees/toes point inward, 2) lift the thighbone off of the saddle and 3) draw your knee down and back towards the horse’s tail (keeping the leg basically straight).”

I worked on this today. I did it a little bit on all four horses I rode, but mostly on Jackson with the English saddle. It felt really good (hard, but good). I also worked at posting from this position. I wanted to post because I really wanted Jackson to go forward today. I kept doing what Karen said and I would only lift the reins, not pull back. Jackson was a lot softer today. I think he did pretty well at the trot.

The other thing that I worked on was at the canter. Still trying to keep my legs back, I asked him to go really forward (which I am sure wasn’t as much as it felt like) and I tried to use my pelvis in a horizontal elliptical (oval) and then I tried to ask him to slow down and collect a little more by using my pelvis in a more vertical elliptical. That was pretty neat! I am sure the results weren’t spectacular, but I could feel them.



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