Posted by: ivyschex | April 18, 2011

Liberty Video from the Midwest Horse Fair

2011 Midwest Horse Fair


Jackson and I got chosen to do a 2 minute liberty demo. These are usuallly for the stallions. They have two minutes to RUN their horse around at liberty. This is usually very stressful on the horse as they usually end up chasing them with whips. It is a huge crowd pleaser.

Well, I knew Jackson and I could do better and we got our chance. Saturday evening, at 5 pm, we got to do our two minute session. I used the song “At the Beginning” from Anastasia. There was probably over 1,000 people watching. I also did it with a costume on.

We wowed them! Jackson stayed right with me. We did some trot circles, canter circles, change of direction, ballancer, Spanish walk, rear, and bow. Jackson was FANTASTIC! ( His rears weren’t very good, but I found later that he was pretty tight in his neck and just behind his withers. He was very loose last week, so I think part of it was being in a stall all day and the new things that went with that. He loosened up quickly on Sunday with a little endotapping and massage. )

Anyway, the crowd loved it! The staff kept coming up and telling me how wonderful it was and how it made them cry. They said they wanted me to come do a clinic next year! Then we went out front where all the people were and a lot of them came up and told me how great a job we did. I talked to people, telling them a little about how I trained.

It was a lot of fun! I wish Jackson hadn’t been sore. 😦 And I wish I had the full length of the song to do the liberty work. Hopefully next year we will be able to!




  1. You got WAY more applause than everyone else! Your performance was amazing. 🙂

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