Posted by: ivyschex | May 9, 2011

Diary Post: May 6, 2011 – Bridleless riding

May 6, 2011

Some friends of mine and I went trail riding. I rode Jackson. It is a nice state park with creek crossings, hills, trees, and a horse camping area. We had fun just walking for a bit and then cantering up the trails. We came to the horse camping clearing, which is a big grassy clearing with trees all around. We did some exercises there with the horses and then I started dropping my reins and just lifting my arms up and out and trying to relax and really open up my chest.

Bridleless riding from 2010

My friend, Sarah, saw me and asked why I didn’t just take the bridle off, so I did. I had my dog with me and so I used his leash like a cordeo, which worked really well. Jackson stayed super relaxed and listening. We cantered and trotted all around the clearing: around the picnic tables, past the pavilion, and doing simple lead changes.

I worked at staying relaxed and keeping my body open. I felt like I had some really good moments in the canter. I felt very upright and very in-sync with the horse. It was a lot of fun!



  1. I found your blog through your website. I thought that was pretty neat because I’m a blogger, too! I’m really looking forward to meeting you and seeing your training methods. I have your video from the MHF (posted it before I even contacted you!) on my blog to show what I wanted to learn to do!

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