Posted by: ivyschex | May 24, 2011

Diary Post: May 24, 2011 Liberty Piaffe, Riding

May 24, 2011


I worked with Jackson at liberty.  In the round pen, we worked on piaffe, waltz (spinning), and a little ballancer.  The waltzes didn’t go any better than the other day, but that is fine.  We will just keep working on them.  The piaffe was okay, I was glad to get a few steps again and to be able to reward for them.  I think Jackson will get it with practice.

Then we went into the pasture and just did a little circling work, just for fun.


I rode without stirrups.  I probably should have ridden without stirrups then with the stirrups, but I was short on time.  I just did walk, trot, and canter.  I felt like both legs stayed underneath me about the same.  At the trot, I experimented with trying to loosen my back up somewhat, so it might look weird.  I don’t know if it worked.
At the Canter, I tried to keep my upper body more still, but not getting stiff.  I tried to use my pelvis and hips more.  Let me know if what I was doing was good or bad.


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