Posted by: ivyschex | June 3, 2011

Diary post: May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011

I rode Jackson for about 30 minutes. I rode in the western saddle because my
brother was going to ride after me and he is new to riding.

I am going to be specific and ask that you not critique my riding as much in
this video. I really did miss riding in the English saddle! Please let me know
when Jackson is engaging his hind end or when he is traveling less strung out.
That would be very helpful.

I worked on back-trot, back-canter, and piaffe-canter. Jackson seemed to do the
best after piaffe-canter transitions. My friend, Sarah, was there giving me
real time comments as to when Jackson was doing better. I think I have a better
idea now, what to feel for.

Sarah had me trying to help Jackson lift his forehand up. I think I started to
get a better feel. I think I needed to alternate trying for more engagement
with lots of forward. That is what I want to try next time.

Or, do you think I will do better with lots of shorter transitions?

And watching the video, I see I am bumping Jackson’s face quite a bit. I will
work on that too!



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