Posted by: ivyschex | September 6, 2011

Trotting and Piaffe

September 6, 2011

I worked with Jackson for about an hour.  The air was cool and it was a nice day to work.  I warmed Jackson up and then did a little training of piaffe in hand.  I was very happy with his progress.  I have been trying more piaffe/trot and piaffe/back (in piaffe)/trot transitions and I think it has helped.  Thoughts?

Then I went and did some work on my seat.  I have been trying to correct my posture and hold my shoulders back more.  My stirrups were too short, again…  However, I felt that I was a bit better.  I was alternating between trying to keep my shoulders back, chin up, heels down, and posting correctly.  I am sure I had limited success, but It felt better.

I also kept working at the walk to help find Jackson’s “natural circle” .  I think that this is helping me to help Jackson to bend.  I am having to learn to use my seat to help him bend and stay on a small circle, without using the reins.  Going back and watching the video, I can see times when I collapse my body to the inside.  I will try to stay more upright.




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