Posted by: ivyschex | September 9, 2011

September 9, 2011

September 9, 2011

I worked Jackson today.  I was playing first with how to keep my head up and back, sticking a whip in the front of my jeans so that it hits my head when I lean forward.  I think it worked a little.  What I noticed was how much of a difference just tipping my chin up made (in getting hit or not).

Next time I will try tying my braid to my belt!  😀

I also worked on some bending stuff at the walk, flexion at the trot, and then some canter work.

Recently, I haven’t been at all pleased with Jackson’s/my canter.  It has been flat and I haven’t known how to help it.  Well, while I was playing with the bending at the walk, I started asking for true canter bent the other way, whatever that is called.  That seemed to get some impulsion.  Then I wanted to try using the bending to get counter canter, bending true to the lead.  With some practice, I was able to get this.  So I would canter a circle and change bends.  That did seem to help.

Near the end, I was asking him to canter straight and to really slow the canter down.  When I asked this before, he would throw his head up and down to keep it slow, but this time I felt a lot of power coming from behind!  yay!

Then I did a little work on the piaffe.  I found that I have been have more success with lots of transition.  So I did a few piaffe/walk transitions, then did walk/piaffe/passage.  If I get him to go passage right out of the piaffe and then right back to piaffe, he really shifts his weight back (I think) and keeps his forlegs perpendicular to the ground!


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