Posted by: ivyschex | September 30, 2011

Dairy: Canter/walk Transitions

September 30, 2011

The last day of the month.   Oh where has it gone?

Anyway, I worked with Jackson for about 45 minutes.  I warmed up at the walk doing lateral work and lateral transitions.   Shoulder in to haunches in – I was trying to keep the shoulders on the same line.  Is that right?

Shoulder in to haunches out.  That one wasn’t too hard, but going from haunches out to shoulder in was harder.

I did mostly canter work today, with only a little trot.  I worked on our walk-canter and canter walk transition.  I was watching videos on the USDFORG youtube channel (thanks, Julie!).  A couple of the videos talked about walk canter transitions.

I started with walk to canter transitions and I felt it was a lot better today.  Once we had a nice transition, I let Jackson go forward.  I rode him in our big pasture so I could work a big square with plenty of time for Jackson to go forward and straight before a turn.   I tried to keep him going low and round and forward, then to collect just a little for the turn.

I watched this video:   It talks about going from canter to walk on a small circle.  I tried it and I think I did really well!  I felt we had a couple of good canter/walk transitions with no trot steps at all.  And I don’t think Jackson threw his head up at all!  😀

Then I went down the road and found a nice grassy hill and I did some canter work going uphill and some trot work going downhill.  I wasn’t sure what exactly to do to help the hill work improve Jackson, but I thought we would just ride a few hill and then stop.



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