Posted by: ivyschex | October 17, 2011

Walk-Canter-Walk transitions

October 17, 2011

I worked with Jackson today for about an hour.  I did some long reining, but I think that Jackson and I are just getting confused about that.  I think I am asking too much and he is trying too hard!

I also wanted to ride in saddle that Julie lent me.  I rode without stirrups again, just for fun.  I did a little lateral work.  I was just messing around with something I had heard about.

Jackson seems much happier about lifting his back in this saddle.  He seemed to engage much more easily in the trot.  I asked for that long low swinging trot he can do and then I tried to ask for “up.”  I am not sure, but I think Jackson gave me more suspension, but I do not think it was collection.  It was at the end of the first trot on the video.

Michael Stevens sent me an article about how to ride the canter.  I have only practiced three times as we were gone for a week.  As I watch the video, I can see where I managed to get it right (I think), but then I have to focus on Jackson and I go back to pumping with my upper body.  Hopefully, as I do that more and more, I will get the hang of it.

I worked on walk-canter-walk transitions.  I think that they helped.



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