Posted by: ivyschex | October 24, 2011

Training a more balanced trot and Canter

October 24, 2011

I worked with Jackson for about 45 minutes.  I mostly worked on trot and canter and transitions.  I did halt/reinback/trot transitions.  I did halt/reinback/turn-on-haunches/trot and canter.

I also tried to do lengthenings and shortenings (?) at the canter.  I wasn’t quite sure how to do that.  I would love any thoughts on that.

Also, someone said that my inside rein was too tight and I tried to correct that my loosening the inside rein a lot.  However, I think I just left the inside rein flop around more.  Oh well, I will work on that too!  I am trying to keep my legs long and against Jackson’s sides, move with Jackson (at the trot or canter), open and close my elbows to follow him, and train him at the same time.  Whew, I think I am getting better, but I know that when I work on one, the others go out the window.  😀

After I watched the video, I noticed that Jackson’s left lead canter looks a lot better, I think.  Yes?


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