Posted by: ivyschex | January 25, 2012

Diary Post with Video

January 24, 2011

Okay, so after the video on January 21, I wanted to see how both Jackson and I would do. Much of the snow melted on Sunday/Monday, so there was only about 3 or 4 inches left. Because of that, it seems Jackson was moving differently.

Now with the suggestions I received after posting my video, I thought about what I was doing while riding. First, as some people noted, I believe that I was trying to post off my knees and was there for pinching with my knees. My right stirrup was shorter than the left; I dropped that down one hole and they felt much better.

I did try to keep my hands more still, but there were times I could tell I really was jerking on his nose. Poor Jackson… he is such a trooper! One thing I was pleased with today’s video is how much I am looking up; not enough, but more than I used too! So I am happy to see that progress, as well as how my body was more upright than it used to be, particularly since last spring/summer.

Watching the video, it seemed to me that Jackson was reaching farther under himself at the trot. There were even a couple of moments where he seemed to have suspension (I think for about 3 strides). 😀

As for me, I tried to keep my legs softly on him, but loose and relaxed. I was noticing a couple of times where I was falling forward and falling backward within a few strides and tried to find a middle ground. One thing that I think helped was that while posting, I tried to work on sitting deeply before Jackson pushed me up out of the saddle.

One other thing that was fun for me was being able to tell when his hind inside hind leg was coming forward (in the walk). I have read for years about how important it is to know where the horse’s legs are, but, until recently, I have been unable to tell where the legs were at all. Today I just felt when my seat was pushed up on the inside and I KNEW he was bringing that hind leg forward. Cool! 😀

Jackson also kept offering to lay down or bow, which I didn’t reward for initially. Later on, I asked him to bow, he did, and I rewarded that. I am just careful that he does not lie down!

So, thank you all for your super encouraging feedback and helpful suggestions!

Here is today’s video:



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