Posted by: ivyschex | February 20, 2012

More Things I Learned

More Things I Learned

Now, here are some things that I think I have learned. If they are wrong, I am sure I will be corrected and that is okay. I just learn better when I put my thoughts down “on paper.”

I had some free time this week and started reading Riding Logic by Museler. I got about a third of the way through, but I found lots of interesting stuff. One of the things I found fascinating was his description of “bracing the back” and how to use it with aids. Here is one quote from the book:

“The best way to develop a good feel for the effect of bracing the back is by frequent repetitions of moving on and halting – walking on, trotting on and halting – in other words, continuous changes of gait, from halt to walk, from walk to trot, from trot to halt, and so on.“

This quote made me think of the Totilas video that was posted the other day(   ). I do not know if they were absolutely correct, but I love the picture that his transitions present! They were so subtle and the horse so controlled. It made me want to work toward that with Jackson.

Museler also talked about how to get downward transitions by bracing the back, closing the legs, and not giving the hand. I thought I would try this.

Therefore, I tried combining leg yielding on a circle at the trot with downward transitions to the walk, trying to use my back to resist while still closing my legs. If this is not correct, go ahead and help me understand what to do, but I got a couple of nice transitions. It was so neat to see how it actually works when I do it right.

Also, when I was trying to get a leg yield, today I noticed that I was tensing my thighs and my buttocks and blocking the movement with my hips. When I noticed that and starting swinging my hips, he flowed into a leg yield much nicer. Sigh, Jackson does great, but I still need lots of work. It is going to be a struggle for me to focus on both of those things at once, but at least I am aware. It makes me wonder what other things I am blocking with my body.

To read my diary posts from the last two days, go to my blog.

I am sure many of you could say, “Well, duh, we have been telling you this all along!” And I am very grateful for your help and patience as I figure this stuff out!


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