Posted by: ivyschex | February 21, 2012

Diary Post with video

February 20, 2012

I worked with Jackson for about 45 minutes. I mostly just reviewed the stuff we have been working on It was very windy and Jackson wasn’t super focused. I am not sure if we made any progress at all.

We worked on some more leg yielding/shoulder-in on the circle. I can’t tell if what he is doing is good or not. You guys will have to give me a little feed back on that. As I watched the video, I could see the times that he loses his balance. Should I just ask for lateral steps again and then forward?

I also worked just a little bit on halt/reinback/trot. He wants to put his head up on the reinback to trot part of the transition. I am not sure how to help that. I found that if I, at the trot, asked for lateral steps before asking for a halt, he was able to stop better.

Right now his trot is still fairly slow. I feel I need to keep it slower to help him understand the lateral work.

This video isn’t great, but if anyone has time to watch it, if you would let me know if there are any nice moments and if so, when? And should I keep doing this kind of thing?




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