Posted by: ivyschex | March 16, 2012

Diary post with video – leg yield

March 15, 2012

Okay, a friend gave me this exercise to work on. I haven’t been doing it super faithfully, the mud seems intent on messing up my fun. 😀 Here is the 5th time we have worked on it. My friend said to go into two point and work at keeping my hands still on his neck so I know I am not pulling him to get him to leg yield. I am supposed to move my outside hand forward for turns (only slightly successful at that) and use my inside leg to ask for the leg yield. I am supposed to “reward” for when he moves his hind end, not just his shoulders over. If he does move over, push him forward in the trot.

Today he did the best he has done. Not fantastic, but clearly getting it. I know my two-point isn’t the best yet. And my right stirrup was longer than my left. And the footing isn’t the best. Oh, well, that is just what ya do. If nothing else, I can prove that anyone can practice dressage if they are determined enough.

Here is the video.

I did a little bit of cantering. I know I am still pumping with my body. I will work on that, just not yet. I felt that his canter was a bit bigger. Yesterday it felt even bigger than it did today. Today the temperature was 90 degrees in the sun! For northern Illinois, that is record breaking! So, Jackson just didn’t have that much pep in him today!

Any thoughts? Was his canter better? Are we going in the right direction with the leg yield?




  1. Ivy, You need to shorten your stirrups first, then your balance will shift more to your knees and your feet won’t move backwards. You don’t need to lean that far forward; just a little. Will be glad to help next time I see you.

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