Posted by: ivyschex | May 4, 2012

Diary Post

May 3, 2012

I worked with Jackson for about 30 minutes today. It was a hot day after having lots of cool weather. I starting with some warm up, then some piaffe in hand. I just did a little bit, trying to get some piaffe/trot/piaffe transitions. At one point in the video, Jackson seems to lift his withers up and lower his haunches. Am I seeing that right? Video time 0:32

Then I did a little bit of trot and canter work. I had been feeling like I was sitting a little differently in the canter and wanted to see if that was true. I think I had some okay moments, but mostly, I was still pumping with my upper body.

Jackson had one nice trot/canter transition and it was after I asked for the leg yield. I will continue doing the leg yield, as it really does seem to help!

I have a question, though, in the canter trot transition, I feel like Jackson is throwing his head up a lot. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to help him balance better in those downward transitions?

I also did a little trot/halt/trot, just for a few minutes. And then, one of the halts, I felt him engage his hind end. I really praised him for that! It was neat to be able to feel that!

Thanks for watching!



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