Posted by: ivyschex | September 17, 2013

Ivy’s Bitless Bridle

I often have a lot of interest in what kind of Bitless bridle I would recommend. I had a hard time recommending anything as the ones I liked were usually over $300 and often from Europe. I finally found one I liked at a used tack sale, but there was no brand name. So I developed my own.

Click here to take a look. The bridle comes in 5 different colors and fits most horses.

1. Ivy’s Bitless Bridle is designed to sit a bit higher on the horse’s nose to make sure there is no pressure on the cartilage.

2. The rings for the reins are down lower on the horse’s jaw, making it more stabilized.

3. The leather strap that goes under the cheek keeps everything in place and stable.

4. Because of how it operates, there is very little movement when fitted correctly.

5. I do clicker training and therefore feed lots of treats. This bitless bridle is made to have the nose band loose enough so the horse can chew (either with food or relaxation) without pinching him. This why the bottom part of the nose piece hangs the way it does.

6.  All Stainless Steel hardware.  Coming soon in biothane too.


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